Design & Make

Resources to help teach pupils how to design and make projects ideal for design and technology lessons. Our range of kits are specially designed to sculpt your lessons around the curriculum whilst at the same time providing meaningful and enjoyable projects for pupils to carry out.

Our Clock Movement sets are great value for money and available with further discounts when you buy in bulk, clock faces and numbers are also available to complete a clock design & making project.

Take a look at our range of uncased USB memory sticks which provide the base for a project to design and make your own case, again these offer exceptional value for money as well as volume discounts and further bulk buy deals as well.

We also offer assembly sets to teach construction and design, for example the Hot Air Motor is a functional model of a Stirling Engine and an exciting range of solar power project kits are favourites from this range.

This category also includes a great range of magnets, candle making resources, modelling clay and craft and construction materials. With a range of every-day low prices and promotions we offer D&T elements to teach design and making in the classroom.