Choice Chamber 180mm - Eisco Pack of 5 [980734]

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Choice Chamber 180mm. ABS solid blue base to reduce light interference. Transparent lid with 15mm central hole for easy addition of live specimens. Divided into quarters to allow easy sectioning of light/dark & wet/dry areas. Accessories supplied include: 2 x Black out quarter lid pieces and 1 piece of mesh to allow specimens to experience the wet/dry conditions without falling into different divides. Pack of 5.

Unlock the secrets of animal behavior, ecology, and habitat preferences with unparalleled precision using our Choice Chamber with a transparent lid and four compartments, expertly designed for scientific exploration. This innovative tool empowers researchers, educators, and students by offering a controlled environment that can be effortlessly sectioned into quarters, facilitating precise experimentation with light/dark and wet/dry variables.

Key Features:

Four Compartments for Comprehensive Study: Our Choice Chamber features four individual compartments, each
designed to create distinct microenvironments within a single unit. This segmented design allows for the simultaneous
observation of multiple variables, making it perfect for experiments involving light/dark and wet/dry conditions.
Transparent Lid for Unobstructed Viewing: The transparent lid provides an unobstructed view of your live specimens
as they interact with their surroundings. This feature is invaluable for real-time observations, ensuring that you capture
behavioral patterns and responses with clarity and precision.
Central Access Hole for Specimen Introduction: At the heart of the transparent lid lies a conveniently placed 15mm
center hole. This central access point enables the introduction of live specimens with minimal disruption. Once specimens are in place, the lid can be securely closed, maintaining the integrity of your experimental setup.
Divided into Quarters for Controlled Variables: Our Choice Chamber takes experimentation to the next level by being
divided into quarters. This unique feature allows for the precise control of light and darkness, as well as wet and dry
conditions, in each section. Whether you're investigating phototaxis, geotaxis, or any other behavioral response, this
chamber empowers you to manipulate conditions with accuracy.


Behavioral and Ecological Studies: Perfect for exploring animal behavior, habitat preferences, and reactions to changing environmental factors. Ideal for studying a wide range of organisms, from terrestrial isopods to small aquatic life.
Classroom Learning: Elevate the educational experience in biology classrooms by allowing students to actively engage
in scientific inquiry, fostering a deeper understanding of ecological principles.
Advanced Research: A valuable tool for researchers conducting controlled experiments, providing a flexible and versatile platform for various ecological and behavioral studies.

The Choice Chamber with a transparent lid and four compartments, divided into quarters for precise experimental
control, empowers you to uncover the mysteries of animal behavior with finesse. Whether you're examining the preferences of organisms in response to light, darkness, moisture, or dryness, this innovative tool offers the precision and
versatility you need for meaningful scientific exploration.