Brightsparks Advanced Electricity Kit [2346]

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BrightSparks Advanced Electricity Kit Top Tray includes:

  • 1 x Digital Multimeter
  • 2 x Solar Cells (3.V @100mA)
  • 1 x Thermistor module
  • 1 x Diode module
  • 1 x White L.E.D module
  • 1 x Light Dependent Resistor module
  • 10 x Stackable connecting leads
  • 2 x Test probe leads
  • 2 x Crocodile adaptors

Resources CD-ROM Base Tray includes:

  • 4 x Battery modules (Short circuit protected)
  • 2 x Bulb modules
  • 1 x Buzzer modules
  • 1 x Motor module (Low inertia Solar type)
  • 1 x Toggle Switch module
  • 1 x Push Switch modules
  • 1 x Two Way Switch module
  • 1 x Variable Resistor module (100R 5W)

Key activities & features:

  • Large quantity kit contains 18 advanced component modules
  • Designed specifically for Science and Design Technology
  • Understand and build your own electrical circuits
  • Convert light energy into electrical energy then use with real world components
  • Series & Parallel circuits made easy with stackable connecting leads
  • Learn how to analyse, measure and understand readings using a Digital Multimeter (voltage, resistance & current)

Resources CD contains an in-depth User Manual, printable example circuits, circuit symbols & fault finding worksheets plus more. Safety is paramount. All components are strong and securely fixed.

Each component module clearly displays electrical symbols and the name of each component. Additional modules available on-line (sold separately) • YouTube Video Link: