Craft & Construction

Better Equipped offers a range of craft and construction resources which will allow children to get creative and take D&T projects all the way from idea and concept creation to design, construction and testing.

This mix of D&T materials and kits includes everything from clock movement kits to uncased usb sticks, magnets to mirrors and pipe cleaners to modelling clay.

Uncased USB memory sticks can be used as the base for creating personalised memory pens which are completely unique in design.

The craft section also includes elements such as clock mechanisms and faces, which can allow pupils to create their own personalised clocks turning recycled packaging or everyday objects into uniquely individual clock designs.

We also have a range of candle making equipment, including candle dyes, moulds, wax scent and wick holders enabling students to design and make their own candles as part of a D&T project.

There is no minimum order cost and free delivery on all orders over £75.