3D Printing

Introducing the British designed Robox 3D Printer RBX01 along with a range of accessories and 3D Printer filaments.

Suitable for educational establishments, businesses and fully capable for home projects, the Robox RBX01 has better resolution and reliability than many more expensive 3D printers.

For teachers, this unique micro manufacturing platform offers the perfect combination of low mess, reliability and safety. With critical safety features such as a fully enclosed body with a transparent interlocking safety door and performance features such as nozzles which lift out of the way when not in use, so they don’t drag across the print or make a mess. Robox is also designed to be easier to use and reduce some of the historical frustrations with 3D printing; with simpler calibration, less need for test prints and easy adaptability. All this means Robox gives you confidence that your 3D printing will go to plan, be clean and critically that pupils are safely able to use it.

We also sell a range of ABS and PLA Filaments on Robox Reels in a variety of different colours, allowing for exciting, eye-catching and vibrant creations. Filaments come with an eprom on the reel which enable you to store set up data and usage statistics for the filament when connected with the Robox printer. Available as an optional upgrade a dual material head enables the system to create objects which would have been difficult to create in the past due to the way it can print using dual materials or dual colours on the same layer.

As well as the Robox RBX01 printer Better Equipped offer the Matter and Form desktop 3D scanner, which allows you to create professional grade scans at a fraction of the cost. 3D models can also be imported directly into 3D software.